November 10, 2010

Just a quick update for you followers. As of Monday, November 8, 2010, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones gives the press statement that Coach Wade Philips has been released and Offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett will now be promoted to Head Coach. This makes me feel a little better, but I rather someone with experience next year, unless Garrett pulls this broken down 1-7 team and lets the players feel like they can not win another game, but play with some heart.

On Sunday nights game, announcer Cris Collinsworth, said, “At what point do you let the players for the future in here and give them some game time. Fans would love to see the future players out there.” (This is not a direct quote).

DE Marcus Spears is out with a calf strain for 4-6 weeks.


Dallas Cowboys are 1-6, What happened to being Superbowl Contenders for 2011???

November 6, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys were predicted by so many sports writers that they would be one of the few teams that could host the Superbowl in their new stadium. Even I was convinced that this would happen, and I will admit that I was wrong for saying that they would even make the playoffs this year. Allow me to make a list of all the players who are expected to play and also all the players who are most likely out for the season. The top player for me is Tony Romo QB with a  broken left Collarbone. The crazy part about this injury was that I was speaking with my grandma and Fiance about when I broke my collarbone, and then Romo breaks his…oppps. Lets move on to more important information.

Coach Wade Philips, does he remain the head coach or is it time to let him go? As a crazy fan I think that it is time to seriously start shopping around. Jerry Jones, continues to say that he will keep Wade Philips until the end of the season, but we are 1-6, can we get any worse? No, we could bring in a coach that knows what he is doing. Look at Mike Singletary and the 49ers last year, he came in with just 8 games left for the 49ers and ended up with a 4 and 4 record as a Head Coach. I know that the 49ers are 2-6, but even the Raiders this year under Coach Cable are 4 and 4. Maybe we should bring in my Bill Cowher, he was 149- 90-1….come one, Jerry we need someone, is it bad that I want Wade Philips to start Stephen McGee? He was amazing during the preseason, I mean can we get any worse? I really have put a lot of trust in this player because I really think that the 4th round pick from 2009 will actually be our future quarterback, he has the skills, I say give him a chance coach. Lets hope that the Packers do not slaughter us. My prediction is that the Packers will score 42 points to 14. Let us see what the ending score is. Until next week.

New Player Pick Ups for the End of March

March 29, 2009

The draft is less than a month away. The cowboys do not have a single draft pick in the first round. With that said here are some pick ups for the team.


1. QB- Jon Kitna. He will be entering his 13th season in the NFL, which is not the best, but his stats will really help when he needs to step in for an injured Tony Romo, if he does get injured this year. The trade was made on February 28, Linebacker Antony Henry for Jon Kitna with the Detriot Lions. Kitna will do much better than Brad Johnson or Brooks Bollinger.

2. FB/RB -Julius Crosslin. He was picked up as  undrafted player, but I trulydoubt this kid will help the team with FB Deon Anderson as the first string Fullback. He made the best play he could during week 15 againist the Giants with a 1 yard touchdown catch.

3. WR- I only will say that Cowboys need to re-sign Miles Austin because Patrick Crayton, Isiah Stanback, and Roy L. Williams are amazing wide receivers, but Austin really stepped it up. Plus Austin has proven to be the dept impact player that is fast and can go down the field.

Who knows what changes have happen to the defense other than we have lost and trades lots of players away, but it is time to start fresh with the defense in our new stadium. Next month will be my draft pick-ups for the cowboys.

TO is Gone…so is R Williams and Cowboys Update

March 6, 2009

It was released today that Terrell Owens is no longer a Cowboy. This was a move that was neccesary for us to stop all the bad publicity and finally give some other WR a chance to shine without a whine. Saftey Roy Williams was also released today. Some other notable players that hve left the cowboys is Chris Canty who is a Defensive End has been picked up by the Giants. I hope that our team can rebuild and make it to the playoffs for the 2009 season. Who is next to be let go by the cowboys?

Blood is thicker than anything!

February 11, 2009

The current economy is falling apart right now. I have applied to many different places even going as low as to apply for McDonalds. Nothing, not even one interview yet and 35 applications later. I guess that is what happens when the United States economy is in a Recession, we have not reached a depression, but give it time. So I have needed help with bills and payments lately and thankfully I have a few relatives that have been so kind to help. I believe this is great and shows how family sticks together in tough times. I think that with being twenty-four years old that I need to figure out what is next. Plan a would be to go back to Vanguard to finish a year left for my liberal studies degree. Plan B is to go to join the Coast Guard. Plan C, join the Fresno Police Academy. Lets see what happens.


February 11, 2009

My top 5 sleepers:

1. Colt Brennan QB Redskins- Although the Redskins did really good, when will they let him take over for Campbell, who has been decent, but has not got the Redskins to any playoffs?

2. Jamaal Charles RB Chiefs, he will be next in line behind Larry Johnson who is said to be going elsewhere. I think that the Chiefs now are going to make a push to the playoffs and maybe even a Superbowl by 2014.

3. Tashard Choice RB Cowboys, I think that being 3rd string almost all of 2008 season made my hopes for him slime, however look how well he did in the last 3 games he played and ran for 88, 91, 90 yards, and only 56 yards  in the lost to the Eagles. Sure, the big hitter is Barber, but who will be next, Jones or Choice? I think that Jones will be the number 2.

4. TOSS UP: Limas Sweed WR Steelers and Jermichael Finley TE Packers: First Finley played the last two games and had 6 Receptions, 74 yards, and a Touchdown! Plus with Green Bay losing Bubba Franks to the Jets for the 2008 season someone has to take his spot.  Limas Sweed has big potential. Steelers are in need of a Wide Receiver. Holmes and Ward are doing great, but a strong third…that has to go to Sweed. He had 6 Receptions and 64 yards! Granted the Steelers have Nate Washington, but Sweed looks to be the key.

5. To top the 5 it will be Antonie Cason CB Chargers: The reason for this one is just a simple gut! He had 74 Tackles…1 forced fumble…2 Interceptions. Seeing that Chargers defense struggled. Look for this guy to go far.

Current Players that might be Free Agents

February 11, 2009

Ok here we go first off I think that losing alot of these players may hurt, but may be the thing that the cowboys need to actually have a chance of going to the Superbowl or at least make some good shots.

At the end of each player will be a KEEP HIM or LET HIM GO!


1. Brooks Bollinger/Brad Johnson QB- Bollinger as I remember watching him and saying better than Johnson, but we really need a better back up quarterback, Bollinger went 9 for 16 for 63 yards with a Touchdown and a Interception. Johnson as I remember lost to the Rams…wow. Johnson went 17 for 34 for 234 yards 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. I hope and predick that cowboys pick up either Byron Leftwich or J.T. O’Sullivan. The real great backup would be David Carr.


2. Terrell Owens WR- There has been so much offseason blurr about the Famous TO. I personally think that it is best to let him go. 3 reasons why! 1. He is so much off the field drama that the team does not need. 2. Dropped so many catches last year and only recorded a low since 3 years with Dallas with 69 Receptions 1052 Yards 10 Touchdowns and 38 First downs. Lets for one second compare Owens with Witten. Witten had 82 Receptions 952 Yards, just 100 yards under Owens with 4 touchdowns. Not to mention that players like Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton I believe need a chance to shine!


3. Sam Hurd WR- Since he joined the team in 2006, Hurd has 19 receptions 314 Yard and 1 Touchdown. 2008 Rookie Tight End Martellus Bennett had 20 Receptions 283 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. Enough said,


4. Tony Curtis/Rodney Hannah TE- Honestly with Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett, I think that those two are great weapons for Tony Romo and I think that the cowboys should let them go and try to pick up another Tight End in the 2009 Draft.



5.Chris Canty DE- Not much to say about Canty. He has recorded 10 sacks since his rookie year in 2005 and has 1 forced fumble. As bad as it sucks to let him go because of the great rookie cards of his, but he really averages 3 sacks a year. I think that he it is for sure.


6.Tank Johnson DT- Is he worth letting go? I would say yes because it has nothing to do about what kind of numbers you put  up, but as a team player especially if Dallas wishes to go to a superbowl, we need the best and the most team attitudes we can get. He had 3 sacks and 1 forced fumble in the past 2 years with the Cowboys.


7. Kevin Burnett LB-Burnett has 4 sacks, 4 Forces fumbles, and 1 interception for 39 yards and a Touchdown back in 2006. I think that Burnett, Ware,Spencer, James, and if Ellis stays then we have a solid group of linebackes.


8. Zach Thomas LB- Not much that needs to be said but that 94 Tackles and no Interceptions and only one sack? I would say that it all depends on Ellis. If Ellis leaves who has been a cowboys since 1998 and offers wisdom and strength, then Thomas is key to keep. However, I think that we have to wave the fact he was not productive this past season and some other players will probably do better.

9. Carlos Polk LB-With only 1 forced fumble and 8 tackles, Polk did not get much playing time. If you were the coach would you give him playing time when there is Spencer and Ware out on the field. I wouldnt.


10. Keith Davis S- David only had 3 forced fumbles during his time with the cowboys. Yeah is used on special teams as times, but I think that Roy Williams deserves to stay rather than Davis.


11. Roy Williams S- I think that Williams is the key position where Dallas needs to focus on. If they let Williams go that leaves Walkins, Davis, and Brown. All these players do not mean nothing compared to Williams. There was talk that if Williams go they would move Ken Hamlin to S instead of FS. Hmmm I say keep Williams. He has been productive, 6.5 Sacks 9 Forces fumbles 19 Interceptions for 307 yards with 3 defensive touchdown. Yeah Williams was injured and did not play during the 2008 season. I say let him stay and extend a contract for 2 years. By then we can figure out to pick someone else up.


I used the following sites for information:

For Dallas Team Roster and news

For Free Agents from the 2008 season was found at

Go Cowboys!

December 17, 2008

I am very impressed with the Dallas Cowboys this year. Minus the drama from Terrell Owens…aka WHINNY! I watched an interview today on ESPN and he said that he never said that Romo was making secret plays with Witten. The Cowboys are 9-5 and hold a contending spot for the NFC Wild Card. I hope that they at least make they playoffs as most fans always wish of their team. I hope that Marion Barber recovers from his toe injury, but the rookie 3rd string running back carried the ball 9 times for 91 yds and 1 touch down and 4 receptions for 52 yards WOW. I have already obtained 1 AU RC and have already purchased another. I think that Felix Jones may be booted off the cowboys roster come next season or may even bumped down from 2nd to 3rd string. Choice just have not been given any opportunities to show his talents. My favorite Cowboys running back is Marion Barber, all time is Emmitt Smith of course! Look for more of my thoughts on the cowboys for the rest of the season. Note: NOT ALL BLOGS WILL BE ABOUT THE COWBOYS! Good luck to all the teams in the Wild Card!