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Go Cowboys!

December 17, 2008

I am very impressed with the Dallas Cowboys this year. Minus the drama from Terrell Owens…aka WHINNY! I watched an interview today on ESPN and he said that he never said that Romo was making secret plays with Witten. The Cowboys are 9-5 and hold a contending spot for the NFC Wild Card. I hope that they at least make they playoffs as most fans always wish of their team. I hope that Marion Barber recovers from his toe injury, but the rookie 3rd string running back carried the ball 9 times for 91 yds and 1 touch down and 4 receptions for 52 yards WOW. I have already obtained 1 AU RC and have already purchased another. I think that Felix Jones may be booted off the cowboys roster come next season or may even bumped down from 2nd to 3rd string. Choice just have not been given any opportunities to show his talents. My favorite Cowboys running back is Marion Barber, all time is Emmitt Smith of course! Look for more of my thoughts on the cowboys for the rest of the season. Note: NOT ALL BLOGS WILL BE ABOUT THE COWBOYS! Good luck to all the teams in the Wild Card!