Dallas Cowboys are 1-6, What happened to being Superbowl Contenders for 2011???

The Dallas Cowboys were predicted by so many sports writers that they would be one of the few teams that could host the Superbowl in their new stadium. Even I was convinced that this would happen, and I will admit that I was wrong for saying that they would even make the playoffs this year. Allow me to make a list of all the players who are expected to play and also all the players who are most likely out for the season. The top player for me is Tony Romo QB with a  broken left Collarbone. The crazy part about this injury was that I was speaking with my grandma and Fiance about when I broke my collarbone, and then Romo breaks his…oppps. Lets move on to more important information.

Coach Wade Philips, does he remain the head coach or is it time to let him go? As a crazy fan I think that it is time to seriously start shopping around. Jerry Jones, continues to say that he will keep Wade Philips until the end of the season, but we are 1-6, can we get any worse? No, we could bring in a coach that knows what he is doing. Look at Mike Singletary and the 49ers last year, he came in with just 8 games left for the 49ers and ended up with a 4 and 4 record as a Head Coach. I know that the 49ers are 2-6, but even the Raiders this year under Coach Cable are 4 and 4. Maybe we should bring in my Bill Cowher, he was 149- 90-1….come one, Jerry we need someone, is it bad that I want Wade Philips to start Stephen McGee? He was amazing during the preseason, I mean can we get any worse? I really have put a lot of trust in this player because I really think that the 4th round pick from 2009 will actually be our future quarterback, he has the skills, I say give him a chance coach. Lets hope that the Packers do not slaughter us. My prediction is that the Packers will score 42 points to 14. Let us see what the ending score is. Until next week.


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