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New Player Pick Ups for the End of March

March 29, 2009

The draft is less than a month away. The cowboys do not have a single draft pick in the first round. With that said here are some pick ups for the team.


1. QB- Jon Kitna. He will be entering his 13th season in the NFL, which is not the best, but his stats will really help when he needs to step in for an injured Tony Romo, if he does get injured this year. The trade was made on February 28, Linebacker Antony Henry for Jon Kitna with the Detriot Lions. Kitna will do much better than Brad Johnson or Brooks Bollinger.

2. FB/RB -Julius Crosslin. He was picked up as  undrafted player, but I trulydoubt this kid will help the team with FB Deon Anderson as the first string Fullback. He made the best play he could during week 15 againist the Giants with a 1 yard touchdown catch.

3. WR- I only will say that Cowboys need to re-sign Miles Austin because Patrick Crayton, Isiah Stanback, and Roy L. Williams are amazing wide receivers, but Austin really stepped it up. Plus Austin has proven to be the dept impact player that is fast and can go down the field.

Who knows what changes have happen to the defense other than we have lost and trades lots of players away, but it is time to start fresh with the defense in our new stadium. Next month will be my draft pick-ups for the cowboys.


TO is Gone…so is R Williams and Cowboys Update

March 6, 2009

It was released today that Terrell Owens is no longer a Cowboy. This was a move that was neccesary for us to stop all the bad publicity and finally give some other WR a chance to shine without a whine. Saftey Roy Williams was also released today. Some other notable players that hve left the cowboys is Chris Canty who is a Defensive End has been picked up by the Giants. I hope that our team can rebuild and make it to the playoffs for the 2009 season. Who is next to be let go by the cowboys?