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Blood is thicker than anything!

February 11, 2009

The current economy is falling apart right now. I have applied to many different places even going as low as to apply for McDonalds. Nothing, not even one interview yet and 35 applications later. I guess that is what happens when the United States economy is in a Recession, we have not reached a depression, but give it time. So I have needed help with bills and payments lately and thankfully I have a few relatives that have been so kind to help. I believe this is great and shows how family sticks together in tough times. I think that with being twenty-four years old that I need to figure out what is next. Plan a would be to go back to Vanguard to finish a year left for my liberal studies degree. Plan B is to go to join the Coast Guard. Plan C, join the Fresno Police Academy. Lets see what happens.